Engage with your customers


If you need your Facebook or Twitter accounts to attract an audience, or want to know which social media platform is best for you, we have the knowledge and talent to help you.


We have experience of working on a number of social media accounts including Lelli Kelly Teens, Carat UK and James Potter Eggs.


Moule Media can build your social media accounts from scratch, and develop you a network of followers. Or we can revitalise your account if it’s just sitting there and you don’t really know what to do with it.


Even better, we know how to keep those followers, grow their numbers and convert their engagement into sales.


We are at the cutting edge of the latest social media platforms, with knowledge of both brand marketing and paid-for advertising. If you don’t know your Snapchat from your WeHeartIt, and have no idea what’s best for your product, we can help.


We’re also expert in reading social media analytics and developing campaigns accordingly.